Blessing Dadi Janki

Pilgrimage to convene Loving Kindness and Compassion

Message from Dadi Janki
Spiritual Head of the Brahma Kumaris
For the Pilgrimages for Loving Kindness and Compassion February 2017, Delhi and Ajmer

“Congratulations all my friends who are gathered in Delhi for the Pilgrimage for Loving Kindness and Compassion. This is a very noble task that expresses the heart of spirituality. Kindness and compassion are natural expressions of the eternal love within the human soul; they are part of our original nature. These qualities are very much needed in the world as it is through kindness and compassion that the world will change.

As you walk together for the world, you will remember the One who has given us this original nature. God is the one who has the power to change this world, and God works through those who are connected to the Heart of God. When we are connected, God gives us the gifts of peace, love, truth and patience. With these gifts we can hand over all our burdens to the One and know that we will be guided to follow the path of truth.

In the world at the moment we see many opposing forces and we need courage to continue on the path. We always say: ‘Truth brings victory’ – victory over all the negativities that seek to destroy truth. We may come from many traditions, but truth and victory is for everyone.

I always ask myself three question every day:
Who am I? I am an eternal being of light.
Who do I belong to? I and a child of the One Divine and I belong to the whole of humanity.
What do I have to do? To follow God’s guidance and to serve others to bring a world of peace and happiness.

Special greetings to my sister Brigitte who is a tireless server and I wish you all success on this special pilgrimage.”

– Dadi Janki