2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water


We're a non-profit organisation. A community of spiritual leaders, ambassadors and water specialists united in our mission for clean water for everybody

With our different water projects, we wish to make a positive impact on the world, enabling clean, living water for everybody

our vision
We believe that in the near future the lack of fresh water will be the number one threat to peace and humanity.  
the problem
The Earths surface is for 70% covered with water, from which 96,5% consists of ocean water. Only 3% is fresh water, from which 2,5% is locked up in glaciers, ice caps and rocks. Only 0,5% is available for drinking water. At the same time, global demand for fresh water is projected to increase by 55% in 2050.  
our solutions
Create awareness about the current and future critical situation surrounding fresh water by initiating educational clean water projects all over the world.  
Our educational projects
Sustainably built compounds providing drinking water, energy and sanitation.
Pilgrimages focussed on promoting harmony and peace between religions and religous movements worldwide.
Teaching children on loving, kindness and compassion.
A pledge endorsed by the Living Peace Projects collective to advance peace and harmony
Our partners