Water Springs (Hardcover)


Title: Water Sources
Subtitle: Water – The Source of Life
Publisher: Living Peace Projects
Format: Hardcover, 120 pages

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Water: it is clear to everyone that we cannot live without it. We need water every day: to drink, to wash ourselves, to grow our food, to prepare our meals, and for so many other things. And water also has a sacred meaning: recognized by all religious traditions as a life-giving source – as well as connecting us with ourselves and with each other. We ourselves consist for more than 70% out of water; we are more water than anything else!

This booklet tells us about the sacredness of our water sources. Its stories contain universal wisdom. The reader will learn how spiritual leaders of various religious backgrounds, from all over the world, consistently value the sacredness of their rivers and springs.

Through their stories the spiritual leaders especially hope to stimulate the awareness of the young. So that they will treat water sources in a way that will help in preserving them for all humanity and for generations to come.

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