Our vision

We believe that in the near future, the lack of healthy, living water will be the number one threat to global Harmony and Peace.

Living Peace supports living water projects and connects spiritual leaders & people from all different beliefs in loving-kindness & compassion. All to create a positive impact on the world.

Our inspiring sources: Franciscus van Assisi, Prof. Dr H.J. Witteveen and all spiritual traditions

Our objectives

Activate young generation and leaders

On the importance of healthy, living water for all

Engage a larger audience

By sharing our vision and message repeatedly

Involve the next generation

By educating them on living water & by appealing stories about the sacred water sources


Living peace projects focus on education and healthy water. Education according to the virtues of the peace pledge is key, since young people are the future. Awareness of the sacredness of healthy water is fundamental for living peace because healthy water is the essential but scarce source of all life on Earth.

Spiritual council

The Spiritual Council consists of 9 Spiritual Leaders from different spiritual traditions. They are the inspirational body of the Living Peace Projects Foundation and act as an Advisory Council, giving recommendations on the mission for living peace.

Our projects

Peace Pledge

Friendship and compassion between people and countries are the basis for living peace.

Youth Peace Education

Loving kindness and compassion are essential in education.


Promoting harmony and peace between religions and religous movements worldwide through pilgrimages and stimulating global cooperation between spiritual leaders of different traditions.

Water projects

Water is the sacred source of life and the carrier of the soul in all religions. Awareness on the sacredness of healthy water will be fundamental.

Peace Statements