Water projects

Water is the sacred source of life and the carrier of the soul in all religions. Awareness on the sacredness of healthy water will be fundamental.

Living Cycles   

Our sustainable education project includes a water harvesting system – providing clean purified water.

Our Living Cycles  Education Project  includes rain harvesting, providing clean drinking water, solar energy and eco toilets, (living cycles). These compounds will be placed next to primary schools and temples.The compound consists of a prefab building including 4 eco toilets, 2x sinks for washing hands and 1 healthy water tap point. Everyone using the toilet pays a little money and receives 0,5 l  of healthy water. Local people are hired to build the compound with eco-friendly toilets and healthy water system for the community (including schools). It is a safe and clean place, for children and women. Local women can earn a living with maintenance and keeping it clean. The investment is funded by donators and transformed into a Micro Finance  Loan creating commitment for service and well-keeping by the (future)owner.

This first investment is used to set-up the first 10 Compounds and create in this way the first 10 pilot projects in which we can evaluate, optimize and make the most robust version to start a crowd funding campaign for further roll-out.

The first selected location in India is Himachal Pradesh ,Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat and Dharamsala. The project will be supported by our local partner Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat, India.

Output and results:

  • Safe drinking water
  • Solar energy
  • Safe and clean toilets
  • By using composting toilets a  humus like end product is produced to be used to enrich soil
  • 1 woman in charge – micro financing project – for cleaning – and sustaining the compound
  • Contract engineer ensuring yearly technical sustainable maintenance

Funding & Donations

Funds per Toilet Compound (incl. 4 toilets / 2 sinks / 1 water tap / 1 building / 1 water purification + storage):

You can donate:
1 Water tap                                                    25 euro
1 sink                                                                 50 euro
½  toilet                                                            150 euro
1 toilet                                                              300 euro

You will receive receipt of your donation and report on the results of your donation


Increase the awareness of water being the sacred source of life

Results so far:

Upstream Rishikesh: Dutch cooperation water experts with GIWA India. Cleaning 225 km of  Ganga River from it’s source India

Next steps:

Supporting  more water projects e.g. cleaning  sacred water sources worldwide

The strength of two nations

  • Partnerships between India & the Netherlands will result in a clean Ganga for its first 225 km, as the start of a ‘clean water front’ moving downstream the Ganga.
  • It will encompass innovative water solutions for drinking water, sanitation, drainage, nature and the environment through sustainable livelihoods programs along that route.
  • This will demonstrate the power of Dutch-Indian collaboration: advanced technical knowledge, hands-on mentality and faith leading to action recognising the spiritual drivers for a clean environment: water management with loving, kindness and compassion.
  • A Centre of Expertise will be the fundament for knowledge, research, control, long-term impact and facilitation of opportunities. It will show case solutions at Ashram scale. It will be the gathering place for all, a home for people and knowledge.
  • This stable basis at Rishikesh will convince Dutch institutes and companies to join in, starting small, then expanding like ripples on a pond.
  • A digital platform will keep track and give an insight to these and all other water related projects on the Ganges (first 225 km and direct surroundings).